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Hello. I am Kylara. Welcome to my journal.

[Profile last updated: 05 June 2010]

This Journal
This journal is all of my personal, fandom, and random journal. The vacancy of quality content is entirely normal.

If you're here, you're probably here from fandom. I mostly make graphics, scan stuff, scanlate, and run communities; all (or most) of which is listed below.

The rest of my journal is in complete disarray without any attempt at organizing it. I hope you're not looking for anything which isn't in a list! :D

Need to contact me? Comment on my contact post or PM me!

Feel free to friend me, no need to ask. Say 'hi' and maybe I'll friend you back. Not much is friends-locked here, but some of it is, don't worry about it. Please don't take friends-locked content out of my journal.

It is not my responsibility to put up with anyone or to teach social skills. Bashing or acting like an ass in my journal will likely get you banned.


My base is mostly in anime/manga fandom with Naruto and Loveless, as well as Vampire Knight, Hetalia, Death Note, and more. I wrote my senior thesis on yaoi, female sexuality, and heteronormative subversions in Ouran High School Host Club and Junjou Romantica.

Lately I've also been quite smitten with Torchwood, Doctor Who, Stargate Universe, The Vampire Diaries, and Legend of the Seeker. I keep watching Supernatural but I don't know why.

I am a multi-shipper and support a wide range of ships and moresomes.

Doujinshi Scanlations and Raws

I scanlate doujinshi with / kamibana, which is a group I founded and head. I work on doujinshi for a number of series'. I occasionally scan raw Naruto doujinshi as well, which can be found at narutodoujinshi.

If you are interested in scanlating with Kamibana or doing a co-release, contact me!


Please do not upload my scans to galleries that earn you credits for uploading, such as [x] and [x]; I will upload my scans myself.

     Naruto: batch #1 | batch #2 | batch #3 | batch #4 new!
     X: card scans
     NGE: card scans
     Misc: batch #1 new!
     Not My Scans: batch #1 (Naruto)

Browse through all my scan posts here.

Manga Raw Scans

I used to scan WSJ raw, but not anymore. My old scans are still available.

Sendspace folders:
     [x] All Weekly Shounen Jump raw scans directory
     [x] Naruto (344-present)
     [x] Bleach
     [x] One Piece
     [x] D. Gray-Man
     [x] Eyeshield 21
     [x] Hitomi no Catoblepas (001-015, completed)
     [x] Prince of Tennis
     [x] misc. others

The Sendspace folders may not be a complete collection of my chapter scans, but I tried.

Manga Scanlations

I've been scanlating Loveless with Kamibana. I used to scanlate Naruto with Binktopia, which were released on Mangashare, but I've retired. I've also taken part in scanlating a number of other series'.


I've made a few things for my fellow Naruto fandom-goers, enjoy! Anime stuff:
     [x] Uchiha Itachi colorbar
     [x] "I Love Uchiha Itachi" banners
     [x] Yondaime Hokage x Itachi colorbar
     [x] Shikamara x Temari colorbar
     [x] Itachi x Sakura set of icons and a banner
     [x] Team 10 -- Beginnings layout
     [x] Akatsuki character banners
     [x] The Second Coming of Obito banner
     [x] Itachi x Sakura banner
     [x] Akatsuki colorbar and banner
     [x] Happy Holidays Akatsuki banner [2]
     [x] Love Banner set (ItaSaku, KakuHidan, SasoDei...)
Other fandoms:
     [x] Icon post (Torchwood, Doctor Who, Being Human)

To see my icon award banners and resources, go here.

My Personal Icons
Unless I say in the keywords that it's okay to take, please don't take the icons I've made from my personal userpics. <3

Community Maintenance

Most of my time on LiveJournal is not spent in my own journal, but instead in my communities. I maintain and help maintain quite a few. I really love working on them, and I try hard to make them all fun and practical places to gather.

If you need to contact me for anything regarding any of the communities I'm a part of (including ones not listed), you can e-mail me (address at the top of this page), comment here, or PM me. Most of my communities have contact posts, so feel free to comment there as well.

narutodoujinshi A Naruto doujinshi sharing community
akatsuki_club Akatsuki Club, an Akatsuki community
uchihaprodigy Uchiha Prodigy, an Uchiha Itachi community
ita_saku Fatal Submission, an Uchiha Itachi x Haruno Sakura community
sasuxnaru An Uchiha Sasuke x Uzumaki Naruto community

Other communities

[ The (Preliminary) Naruto Community Masterlist ]
The Masterlist (posted at chuunin) is a full* list of semi-/active Naruto communities on LiveJournal. [*Though it needs updating.] A lot of boring nights of labor went into the creation of that baby.

The human spirit is stronger than anything that happens to it.
- CC Scott

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