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2nd-Jul-2015 08:52 pm - It's been a while
[*] Orihime Otouto
LJ sent me an email with a survey, and I suppose that made me curious.

How is everyone? Does anyone check this anymore? Feel free to respond months/years late to this, I suspect a lot of you are inactive like I've been.

I will always love my old fandoms, but recently I've been especially excited over Death Note (thanks to the Musical) and Marvel movies/comics.
13th-Feb-2014 08:56 pm(no subject)
[loveless] really!? :D
The history and current (nonexistent) state of my romantic life is a wasteland of disappointment and broken dreams, but nonetheless...

2nd-Sep-2013 06:49 pm(no subject)
Sasuke red parasol
While doing some (late) spring cleaning on Kamibana, I realized that I'm 4 years behind on Mutsumix's ItaSasu Valentines Specials.

So much cuteness.

I still love ItaSasu so much.
[SH] Liu!Watson smile
Here's a list of differences between the DVD screener and the TV premiere (the iTunes version) of Elementary 1.01 pilot. I opened up one version in one window and the other version in another window and watched them side-by-side. This made it pretty easy to notice different cuts, but more difficult to notice differences in music or when a line was in one version but not the other (since the audio for both was playing at the same time).

I did my best, but let me know if I missed anything!

The List.Collapse )
10th-Jul-2012 03:47 am(no subject)
[*] Orihime Otouto
I have so many old hard drives. Going back through them is like going through the strata of my life.

I just dug up an old doujinshi I'd scanned -- and I know it's old because it was three hard drives ago! I have barely any other sense of time except what computer I was using when I did something.
22nd-Mar-2012 02:47 am - 6 Elementary icons + alternates
[SH] The Game is On :)
Some set photos from CBS's upcoming Sherlock Holmes series "Elementary" came out. Here are some icons. Nothing spoilery, unless clothes are spoilery. In which case you should prepare yourself, because I'm going to be using some of these. ;)

[3] Watson + 1 alternate
[3] Holmes & Watson + 5 alternates

1. BAMF Holmes and Watson.Collapse )
9th-Feb-2012 01:48 pm - Doujinshi buying help
Sasuke red parasol
Help! Old doujinshi friends. I need this doujinshi from a Japanese yahoo auction, but it'll only ship to Japan. I need a third party in Japan to order it and send it to me.

Can anyone recommend an individual or service in Japan who will order this and send it my way in the States? Are any services recommended these days? If it's an individual, I'll of course cover all fees plus extra for their service.

It's been too long since I've ordered doujinshi through any means other than an LJ sales post or ebay. I've never used an official service; I've always gotten help from LJ users or online manga friends, and I'm not sure that I have those contacts anymore.

Time matters, since the auction ends in two days. :x Any suggestions? ♥


[ETA] I'm looking at Rinkya, but I'm wary of any service that might add on more mystery fees throughout the process for the hell of it, and it looks like Rinkya's system is designed to do just that. And its high commission fee: so as long as the auction (I think it's just the auction) stays at 1000 yen or less, I don't get charged a $20 commission fee. But as soon as that hits 1001 yen, the $20 fee gets added on. Goodness, that's a bit of a jump in price considering the cost of the item is only about $10.01 (well, more like $13 since the dollar is shit).

That's in addition to a $15 handling fee - that includes the few dollars cost of shipping within Japan, and might or might not cover other things.

Anyone have experience with them to offer reassurances? Or advice to run away?

I want the doujinshi, but not at any cost.
Sakura (sepia) [dark_sephy]
There's a Greasemonkey script that allows you to use subjects on default comment pages:
Livejournal - Show Subject Field by disprove.
It works for Firefox and Chrome. Instructions are on the page.
[ETA]Upon further investigation, disprove has a post up here.[/ETA]

My only complaint is that it doesn't load the subject when replying to a comment. So if you reply to a comment with a subject, instead of "Re: {subject}" the subject is blank. You'll need to type in "Re: {subject}" on your own. But hey, it still works!

I'd love to see it further improved to display subjects in the comment header, instead of as bolded text at the top of a comment. [ETA] disprove posted in mintyapple with a workaround to make subjects appear in the header: here! [/ETA] And to show subjects on collapsed comments, if possible.

I should learn to write these myself.
20th-Jan-2012 09:51 pm - Sherlock news vid added
[SH] BC Sherlock shadow
Added the “news broadcast” video from John Watson’s latest blog entry to the UK-locked videos post. :)
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